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About Us

We trade a diverse range of agricultural commodities in bulk or containers including Coffee both Arabic and Robust  Sugar, Wheat flour,Cooking Oil, whole frozen chicken Tinned fish,Maize flour,Both Alcoholic and none alcoholic Beverages. Red, sparkling wines etc.

As a service provider, one of our greatest strengths is the key relationships we have forged with an extensive portfolio of suppliers and buyers. The confidence that comes from dealing with reliable, trusted sellers or buyers cannot be understated in any business and can often be the difference between a successful or not so successful transaction.

Our company believes that business can only be considered successful if both buyer and seller are happy at the conclusion of the business. We believe if we conduct our business with respect and integrity we can achieve this.




Fine Wine

Wheat flour Products

cooking oil

chicken parts

Our Vision

To be the pre-eminent FMCG & Services Company born out of South Africa that would set an international example of excellence with its various products and services, while attaining the highest possible customer satisfaction and return on investment. "We're passionate about taking our products much further & being a preferred world-wide provide


We shall continually build quality in all our processes and procedures in order to provide maximum confidence to our clients on our products. Further, we shall invest in our Human Capital in order to harness their talent. We ensure that all stakeholder interests are met and improve shareholder wealth through building value in the build and sustain Company value.

Our Values

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Why Choose Us

Quick Response and Superior Service

We provide superior customer service and response to our customers’ needs. One of our experienced staff members is always available to answer questions or solve a problem. When you call you will always speak to a real person, not a long recording of undesired options.

Simple, Worry free, No-Hassle Service

At ETL we make it easy. We offer several ways to order a service you can call it in or email us. Any way you choose, it will be simple and won’t waste your valuable time. We do the work so you don’t have to. 

Comprehensive Customized Services

Our experienced staff will work with you to customize a program of services that is right for you.

Competitive Pricing and Unsurpassed Value

One of our goals is to save our customers money. On average customers are seeing a cost savings of 50% or greater. When combined with our high level of service, we’re the best value in the industry.

Business Partners

We want to be your trusted business partner. We will work with you to not only improve your bottom line but also get your practice up to the highest level of compliance.  Now we understand you’re busy and that’s not your top priority so we will make it ours to provide the highest level of service.

Experience Matters

ETL takes great care in making sure all of our staff is trained and experienced in what we do. We will ensure there is no waiting around for answers. One of our experienced staff members will be able to solve any problem you might be having promptly and professionally. We will be there in person or on the phone when you need us.


At ETL we pride ourselves on giving 100% to our customers every time. From the newest customer to the oldest, from our biggest client to our smallest, we guarantee that all of our customers receive the highest level of service each and every time.

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